Upload From Your Smartphone

Your guide to uploading your application with a smartphone

Now you can apply for any of the TTEF scholarships using a smartphone. Either follow this steps on this page or download the step-by-step instructions to the right.

This guide will walk you through 8 easy-steps showing you exactly how to upload a document from your smart phone.

If you need help, feel free to call us at 314-792-7777.

Step 1. Fill out an Application

Opening the internet on your phone, visit our website at www.ttef-stl.org and click Scholarship Application. Requalifying families should follow the instructions on this page to log in. New families should follow the instructions to begin a new application.

Step 2. Upload your Application File

When you reach a question in the application that asks you to Upload File, touch the gray Upload File icon by the required document you wish to submit.

Step 3. Take a photo of your Application

An iPhone will ask you if you would like to Take Photo or Video, upload a photo that you’ve already taken from your Photo Library or your iCloud Drive. If you have not yet taken a photo of your document, push Take Photo or Video.

Step 4. Allow your phone to access your camera

Before you can take your photo, an iPhone may ask you to push OK to allow Safari (your internet browser) to access your camera. If you push Don’t Allow, you will not be able to take a photo.

Step 5. Choose to “Use the Photo”

Take a photo of your document and push Use Photo.

Step 6. Wait for your application to Upload

Your screen will appear gray with an Uploading File… box while your document uploads.

Step 7. Save your Application

After a successful upload, you will see the name of your document (in this case W2.pdf) followed by “ready to be saved.” When you have finished answering all the required questions in this section of the application, you may click Save to continue to another section of the application. Be sure to keep your original documents in case we are unable to view your photo.

Would your rather upload your scholarship application from a computer?

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