Scholarships change the equation for success, improve the lives of children and strengthen the community. When children succeed in school, the workforce is better educated, the entire region is stronger, and the challenges of poverty are met head on. And, when parents make a commitment to share the cost of a private school, education becomes a priority.
Changes at home – a discipline to study, the drive and determination to build a better future – are often as dramatic as changes seen in the child at school. Families play a key role in guiding their children and reinforcing the life-changing importance of the scholarship opportunities provided through Today and Tomorrow.
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Families have the opportunity to apply for all TTEF scholarships listed below using the unified online application. This does not include the MOScholars Program, for more information click here. To make the process easier for families and schools, one application is used for all scholarships funded by the Catholic Education Office, the Today & Tomorrow Educational Foundation, and the Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern Missouri. The Scholarship Office at TTEF will review your application and determine your family’s award(s) based on eligibility for the different programs.

Individual students may not receive more than one scholarship if awarded, not including Catholic Families Tuition Assistance and Parish Employees Endowment Fund. These funds may be awarded in addition to the other scholarships listed below.

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