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Every educational institution – from large private universities to local public schools – relies on fundraising to support ongoing needs and improvements to their facilities and academic programs. The Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation fills this role at five city schools – four elementary and one college prep high school.

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A new governance model was implemented in 2012 for four “mission schools” in the City of St. Louis, to provide sustainability and viability. These schools serve people living in great need in our community. St. Louis the King School at the Cathedral, Most Holy Trinity Catholic School and Academy, St. Cecilia School and Academy, and St. Louis Catholic Academy receive assistance with operational and educational expenses. Without this funding, the schools would not have the necessary resources to provide quality educational programs. The parishes affiliated with the four schools are representative of the neighborhoods they serve, but they no longer have the ability to contribute parish financial resources to support the schools.

In addition to scholarship assistance for individual students, the Foundation is responsible for the fundraising and development efforts at each school providing essential operating revenue. These “mission schools” serve the entire neighborhood, not simply the Catholic population.

For questions or more info, please contact:


Antonia M. Ponder

Director of Advancement – Archdiocesan Elementary Schools



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Cardinal Ritter College Prep has a tradition of leadership in urban secondary education in the community. The vibrant success of Ritter is widely acclaimed, as the result of a strong partnership between civic, corporate and community leaders. This college prep institution is founded on three pillars: faith development, academic excellence and leadership.

Today and Tomorrow is responsible for fundraising and financial development efforts that provide operating revenue and unrestricted funds to sustain educational programs. From its inception, the mission of the school has been to instill in the students attitudes of success and self-worth through intensive faith-based educational and leadership preparation. This experience encourages students to be productive, accountable, respectful and self-disciplined citizens in the broader community.

A fundamental element of Ritter’s preparation includes the basic understanding that all life and the dignity of fellow human beings is to be honored and respected. Since the beginning, the school has graduated more than 3,000 students. Cardinal Ritter College Prep routinely graduates 100 percent of its seniors with 100 percent acceptance into the college or university of their choice. Approximately 90 percent of students receive tuition assistance scholarships.

For questions or more info, please contact:


John Saunders

Director of Advancement – Cardinal Ritter College Preparatory High School