Dear Friends,


A new school year signifies a myriad of different things for students, parents, administrators and teachers:


  • exciting new beginnings
  • a world of opportunity and hope
  • new standards of excellence to achieve
  • routine and rhythm


and no matter what age or whether you are a student, parent or grandparent the transition to a new school year impacts each of us and our families.


At TTEF the new school year is a busy and rewarding time. A record high, 5,169 scholarship recipients joined their classmates and teachers to embark on the next phase of their educational experience. Your eager to learn scholars are receiving the gift of a life changing education in quality parochial and private schools.


Giving parents a choice and giving students a chance provides Hope and Opportunity and transforms the lives of children, families and communities as evidenced by the accomplishments of your class of 2016 alumni:


  • 100% of TTEF recipients graduated from 8th grade
  • 91% were accepted as incoming freshman to college prep high schools
  • 66% of TTEF alumni are attending college prep high schools
  • 98% of TTEF alumni graduated from high school
  • 99% of TTEF graduates of the class of 2016 are enrolled in post-secondary education


There is no one path to success or failure. So many factors in a child’s life can determine his or her future. However, please know that your support has a critical and lasting impact on their lives, helping each of them to design their own path to a successful future.



Kevin M. Short


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