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Helpful Information for Schools

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Our unified application enables families to apply for all scholarships funded by the Catholic Education Office, the Today & Tomorrow Educational Foundation, and the Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern Missouri. The application is available online at no cost to your parents.

Click here to learn more about the individual scholarships and the income parameters for eligibility.

Helpful Information For Schools

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1. How do I log in?2021-09-09T16:52:18+00:00

To log in, you will need the email address and password assigned by TTEF to your school. Each school has one login account.  If you do not know this information, please inquire with your school’s principal.  If he/she does not have this information, please contact us by email at or by phone at 314-792-7777.

For detailed instructions on how to log in, you may view a tutorial video or download a step-by-step guide.

2. How do I complete an SCF, an Exit Form, or an SVR?2021-09-09T16:52:44+00:00

For detailed instructions on how to complete an SCF, Exit Form, or SVR, please click on the support tutorial or PDF step-by-step guide below.

SCF Tutorial Video PDF Guide

Exit Form Tutorial Video PDF Guide

SVR Tutorial Video | PDF Guide

3. How can I get help viewing all applications, awards, and payments for my school?2021-09-09T16:53:11+00:00

For detailed instructions on how to view all school applications, awards, and payments, please click on the support tutorial or PDF step-by-step guide below.

Viewing All Applications Tutorial Video | PDF Guide

Viewing All Awards | PDF Guide

Viewing All Payments Tutorial Video | PDF Guide

4. How can I help my school’s parents apply or complete an SVR?2023-11-22T19:02:36+00:00

All schools are encouraged to support families during the application and SVR process.

  • To view instructions for completing a new parent application, click here.
  • To view instructions for completing a requalifying application, click here.
  • To help a parent complete the Parent Signature Page/SVR, click here.
5. Do my school’s parents still need to apply through FACTS?2021-09-09T16:53:54+00:00

TTEF is unable to review FACTS applications for consideration for any scholarship we administer. FACTS should only be submitted if your school requires using the site for tuition management or parish/school-funded aid.

6. How can I get more help?2023-11-22T19:01:45+00:00

For general support, please visit our online tutorials available for submitting parent applications and SVRs as well as navigating your school portal.

Below are the resource documents that will support your school and your families:

For general support, you may contact our office Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM by calling 314-792-7777. You may also email us at  From January-March we experience a high volume of calls and emails.  Please leave a message for our staff with your name, school of employment, and phone number, and we will return your call or email within two business days.

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