Lionel Phillips

Lionel Phillips

Lionel Phillips pictured with TTEF scholar Berikiti Y.


“The mission of Today and Tomorrow is so important to me because of the children we are educating today – I was in their shoes 50-60 years ago. Being a young African-American guy growing up in public housing, I had the opportunity to attend a Catholic school where I got the foundation to become the man that I am today. At TTEF we are making this happen for young children who are in similar situations today.


The future of thousands of children of color in the St. Louis community have been impacted in a positive manner and that will make the world a better place. Our children are our voices of the future that we will never see and TTEF has made those voices into a chorus of hope for the black and Hispanic communities. Today and Tomorrow is a Godsend.”


-Lionel Phillips, Phillips Concrete Services


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