Al Koller

Al Koller

Al Koller pictured with TTEF Scholar Brandon R.

“The mission of Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation is critically important to give opportunities to kids and families that don’t have opportunities available to them right now. Sometimes you wonder if you’re making a difference and then you read about TTEF alumni, who thanks to TTEF scholarships, went on to succeed in high school and college and are now earning their Masters or starting their professional careers.  And when we see our young people succeed like that, I know that our work at TTEF is really helping. In 1980, Herb Brooks told the U.S. Hockey team that great moments are born from great opportunities, and today, TTEF is giving families and children here in our city, the opportunity to create their own great moments in the future – that’s why I’m involved.”


-Al Koller III, Koller Enterprises


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